Sponsor Spotlight: EXL Landa

With the Poppy Walk in less than a week (there’s still time to register), it’s time for our Sponsor Spotlight, where we feature the Poppy Walk’s major sponsors!

Today we’re featuring returning sponsor EXL Landa (formerly Landacorp). EXL Landa has supported the Poppy Walk all three years, with a sponsorship as well as a whole team of runners and walkers.

exlLandaEXL Landa specializes in health care technology solutions that can change the way hospitals and health care providers operate. You can learn more about what they do on their website.

When the company reached out to us this year, they said “We’re so thrilled to support this fantastic organization.” And we’re thrilled to have them on board once again. We’ll see you Saturday, EXL Landa!


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