We Love Our Interns

The Center is grateful for all of the social work interns who come to us from Chico State. Our intern John Zepeda was kind enough to send over a research paper in which he wrote about the Center. Here is an excerpt.

During my internship at the Peg Taylor Center, what amazed me most was the level of care and dedication the staff had toward the Center’s clients. The staff and volunteers were completely professional. I never heard the staff express anything but fondness towards the clients, even when they were talking amongst themselves.

The Center’s mission is to help both older and younger adults with health problems to improve their quality of life. To this end, the Center employs a battery of well-qualified staff. While I was there, I met nurses, social workers, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists, activity coordinators, and other staff and volunteers who seemed truly dedicated to their work.

During each day at the Center, in addition to receiving health care and social services, the clients participated in daily activities such as painting, singing, storytelling, and more. The clients I met were all happy to introduce me to their friends and favorite staff members. The community atmosphere I experienced while at the Center was striking, especially in contrast to the isolation I imagine the clients might feel if they spent their days at home by themselves.

During my time at the Peg Taylor Center, I met older adults who were contented and well taken care of. Their physical and social needs were being met by staff and volunteers who truly cared. I would be happy to attend the Center myself one day.


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